Rabat: number of new births in Zoo

The Zoo in Rabat in recent times was enriched with a number of new births.

As part of the strategy for the conservation of endangered species, the Zoo recently saw the birth of various animals.

were born: 8, dorcasgazelles7, 6 atlas deer (cervus elaphus barbarus), , 4 3 servals and a number of other wild and exotic species.

This new births enrich the collection of African fauna at the Zoo is established and brings the total number of animals on approximately 2000. The animals live in the Zoo in biozones that mimic the original ecosystems of these species.

For those who have never been in this zoo is, this is a nice video shot from the air, so you still have a bit of an idea what it looks like:

[video = youtube; _7h-uykDCGw] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = _7h-uykDCGw [/video]