King Mohammed VI receives Nizar Baraka, the new head of the Istiqlal Party

It is a tradition of the King to the newly elected Secretary General of political parties.

King Mohammed VI received Thursday at the Royal Palace in Rabat the new Secretary-General of the Istiqlal Party, Nizar Baraka. It is common that the King the newly elected Secretary General of political parties receive.

The King praised the qualities of Nizar Baraka, as well as the selflessness and dedication that he showed in achieving the missions entrusted to him, reports Lefr360.

Nizar Baraka said on this occasion that the visit to the King "a real boost". "This visit is a great pride for all party members, and it's also a real incentive for our role as a key role in the rehabilitation of the political life in our country," said Baraka.

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