Catalonia choose independence, Spanish Senate gives government permission for acquisition of Catalonia

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The Parliament of the Spanish region of Catalonia has today declared the independence from Spain. That happened during a secret, roll-call vote. MPs from the three parties that are against Division, left the Chamber before the vote.

Of the 135 Catalan parliamentarians, 82 brought their vote. Of them there were seventy for split-off, ten voted against and two blank. The motion calling for independence was submitted by the Coalition Junts pel Si (for Yes) and the left CUP that make up a majority. The members of the Socialist Party, the people's Party and the citizen party ran away.

A large majority of the Spanish Senate has Friday authorised the Spanish Government to the Board of the autonomous community of Catalonia. That happened shortly after the Catalan Parliament declared the independence of the region.

It is expected that the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy will announce as soon as possible measures to the Government of Catalonia. He can send home the Catalan Government and the direct charge of the Catalan police.