Al Hoceima: authorities shall prohibit demonstrations on 27 and 28 October

The provincial authorities have issued a ban on demonstrations in Al Hoceima for public areas.

The provincial authorities have decided to ban a demonstration of Al Hoceima on 27 and 28 October for all demonstrations in public areas, reports a statement of the Prefecture of the province of Al Hoceima quoted by the Moroccan Press Office folder.

The grass-roots movement called the past few days Hirak via social media on to demonstrations on 27 and 28 October in commemoration of the death of Mahato Fikri, who died a year ago.

"Calls from anonymous sources and others from outside the province are in recent days launched on social networks that all citizens to take part in events on 27 and 28 October", the statement said.

"These calls that do not respect legal procedures in force, after the return of security and tranquillity in the province, at a time when public opinion with satisfaction the progress of development projects that positive interaction have generated with the people in the province ", notes the same statement on.

"Based on the fact that these calls create a climate of tension that the interests of citizens and public order affects negatively, the provincial authorities of Al Hoceima decided all demonstrations in public places on 27 and 28 October ban ", concludes the statement.

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