The clean and neat cemetery in Martil (video)

Reports on a particularly neat cemetery in Morocco.

Martil is today considered the place that houses the most beautiful cemetery of Morocco. This is in particular by efforts (for more than nine years) of an Association for the conservation of Islamic cemeteries of the city.

Lefr360 brought a visit to the cemetery and talked to some people. For example, the first man to know: "the counts are good, they are well maintained and the people are working hard."

The second man says, "We make everything clean, even though we have no water and electricity. The employees work well as you can see. "

The third man indicates among other things that the citizens pay nothing, "we have roads and trees on the cemetery established."

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "visit the graves, because they remember you at the afterlife" (narrated by Wayne)

[video = youtube; z-hAKzI3qjk] v = z-hAKzI3qjk [/video]