Rabat gives ' full support ' to Madrid

Morocco recognises the Declaration of independence of Catalonia.

Morocco, which itself for years with a separatist threat faces now and in the future, recognize the unilateral declaration of independence of Catalonia not, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation through a press statement. The statement noting that Morocco understands the reaction of the Spanish authorities and from Morocco's full support and solidarity.

"In these special circumstances in the neighbouring Spain the Kingdom of Morocco gives its full support to the Spanish Government to ensure that the Constitution is respected and the national unity and sovereignty of the country is preserved".

As a reminder, the Parliament of the Spanish region of Catalonia has declared the independence from Spain yesterday afternoon. The Spanish Senate shortly thereafter gave permission to the Spanish Government to the Board of the autonomous community of Catalonia.  The Catalan Government of premier Puigdemont is now formally deposed and the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy has announced elections in Catalonia on 21 december.