Rabat: King Mohammed VI launches building new train station

In the light of an earlier plan to revive Rabat, were yesterday the work for the new train station started.

Rabat has yet to exude more stature as an economic and political center of Morocco. For this was not so long ago a wide range has been set. An important part of this was the delivery of a brand new train station for the metropolis, this to the character and appearance of the city even more shine.

The new drive, where yesterday officially the work started by King Mohammed VI, has a surface of at least 21,617 square meters. From the Rabat-Casablanca motorway will be a direct exit, there will be parking for both short-and long-term parking time sufficient places are available.

The amount involved is, according to the official parties who are going to use with this project, is not sick. In 36 months time there will be about 160 million dirham in stopped. Moreover, there will be plenty of room for dining options and hold inside the station.

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