Rabat: multi-day Conference with representatives of Judaism, Christianity and Islam to combat extremism

For the leaders of the 3 world religions is to extremism into peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

Last week met Rabbi Bruce Lustig, imam Muhammad magic and Pastor Bobby Gene Roberts each other in Rabat for the second edition of the American peace Caravan. The purpose of this Conference, where several lobbying in were present, was encouraging the interconnectedness and harmony.

At the Conference were also the Moroccan Minister of religious affairs and the President of the Forum for Peace Organization, Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, present. It went under more about insuring the rights of minorities within societies and the Elimination of religious extremism.

This Conference is just to kick off many other initiatives where one wants to achieve the set objectives. So come there in the course of time several workshops, brainstorming sessions and various visits.