Rabat: second phase redevelopment Botanical Garden launched

Princess Lalla Willie, launched this second phase.

Princess Lalla Willie, Chairman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for the protection of the environment, launched 28 October 2017 the second phase of the redevelopment of the Botanical Garden of Rabat.

On this occasion presented Carey Duncan, landscape architect, to the Princess the current situation of the garden and the upcoming development work of the project. The architect Mohamed Kamal Ouanaim presented to Lalla Willie the greenhouses, buildings and public reception areas planned as part of this redevelopment, the Moroccan news agency MAP.

The Princess then visited the cacti garden, water garden with a view of the future square of medicinal plants and the terrace upstream from the garden, which overlooks the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco.

The square where the Moroccan ecosystems are shown, the forum where the cultural activities take place and the future collection of Moroccan bulbs, were also presented to Princess Lalla Willie.

The Botanical Garden of Rabat was founded in 1914 on a total surface of 17 hectares and contains biological treasures of exceptional value. It is home to more than 650 ornamental and fruit varieties of different origins (local, tropical, subtropical and desert), a scientific research programme for the operation of plants of exotic origin and a Moorish House with Arab-Andalusian architecture. The permanent museum highlights the theme of water and light.

The Botanical Garden offers educational activities on the history of the Botanical Garden, but also offers school programs on different themes such as water, medicinal and aromatic plants and methods of cuttings. The Botanical Garden of Rabat is both an environmental education center that serves the general public and an ideal place to promote the national environmental heritage, a Center for biological resources for scientific research and a plaatsverzamelingen for the conservation of biodiversity.

Located in the heart of the city Rabat and with it the ' green lung ' of the city, the Botanical Garden since 1992 on the national historical list and since 2012 on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

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