Is Saadia a.T. victim of secret anti-radicalisation project Van Der Laan?

Secret information came today, with which the dismissal of Saadia a.T. in a very different light.

Weekly magazine Elsevier wrote today on the basis of confidential documents and interviews with stakeholders about a secret project that would have been set up at the behest of the recently deceased Mayor Eberhard van der Laan.

According to Elsevier carried the secret project code named Gray campaign. "The project, with the code name Grey campaign, was with a lot of mystery on which it is based and to the sight of the control. Aldermen and the City Council were not informed and also on the Town Hall knew few people on there. The campaign should in no way to relate to the city of Amsterdam. "

The idea was to young people with a total of 25 YouTube videos keep away from radicalism. In the videos tells a Moroccan Amsterdammer about his problems. For the Viewer is not clear that he is an actor and that he works for the municipality. The idea for this project comes from the Irishman David Kenning, who on behalf of the secret services in Iraq has worked and there files studied by suicide bombers.

"From the municipality were Saadia a. T and Mounir D on the project. They must be looking for a suitable candidate. It must be a young Moroccan Amsterdammer who happens to authentic, but who also is willing to take the risk that he as an actor is being exposed and then get no back cover of the municipality. Eventually find Saadia and Mounir via Saad & Partners, an agency that hires, the city of Amsterdam more often a suitable actor: Said. But because Saad & Partners also not of the contract should know, he should send a separate invoices from established bv ", can be read in Elsevier.

The weekly writes that the Mayor eventually got discord with the responsible officials. Internal let Varma are discontent about the way things are brands. He says explicitly against his employees during meetings that Saadia and Mounir must file, in particular because of their Muslim background

The criminal dismissal of Saadia would with the project. The manager of Saadia and Mounir get beginning 2017. After six performance appraisals with her new manager takes Saadia late June 2017 itself dismissal. Two weeks later they suspended. There are several articles in the media about the Moroccans ' network ' by the municipality of Amsterdam. Saadia and Mounir befriended Moroccan Dutch have won would on high posts in the Town Hall and share in the profits, but hard evidence seems not to be.

Elsevier writes: "Office Integrity reports on her computer in april to have already found that researchers cannot explain. Why not on behalf of Said invoice Saad & Partners, but on behalf of a company that on his name? Why is the city of Amsterdam the only originator of that company, and is nowhere to be found when that company exactly for the municipality does? Nevertheless, there is nothing in april 2017 with the questions and findings. The report will only be pulled from the la when Saadia submits her resignation.

A data subject reports at Bureau Integrity that the invoices of Said on the Gray Campaign store, but there is fact. The municipality does end August 2017 Declaration against conflict of interest and fraud, because of Saadia and gives her ' punishment ' dismissal (dishonorable discharge, which they also lose the right to unemployment benefits). In the file that is returned to the police, are now the invoices of Said, but no pieces of the gray campaign.

Stakeholders understand not why the case has not been shelved. ' Saadia did not even have the powers to provide commands or to hire people without the consent of others. Invoices submitted had to be approved by at least two executives. I think Van der Laan has performed so hard against Saadia because he was afraid that they would be hits out of the school about the gray campaign. ' "

After an emergency debate in the City Council on 14 september, where Van der Laan indicates that the dismissal of Saadia, stop six key figures working with the municipality. They disagree with how Saadia is tackled and angry how there since her resignation from the City Hall gossip be leaked to the press. "The municipality has shown that it has not been able to protect one of its best officials. With the information in the media is published, the municipality has the opposite. '

Various parties in the Amsterdam City Council now want clarification on the allergy radicalisation administration of the municipality. The Council and Councillors do not have the ' gray campaign ' informed.

CDA group Chairman Dietrich I Bakshi calls the story ' bizarre ' and finds that "everything now must ''. VVD-Councillor Marianne Leg speaks of a "violently article '' and wants the lower stone is fully established." Why is the City Council not informed? '' Council members discuss the issue Thursday in a Committee meeting.

Also Labour Party Group President Marjoram Moorman knew of nothing, she says to AT5. "It leads me to a lot of questions on Thursday we have a debate with the Deputy Mayor. My first question will be if this is true. ''

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