Moroccan observation satellite launch live (video)

The first Moroccan observation satellite will be launched on 8 november.

Arianespace Launches on november 8, a Vega rocket with on board the first Moroccan observation satellite, the satellite EO Sat 1 (Earth Observation Satellite 1). The launch is planned to 01:42 (and Moroccan time) on 8 november 2017 from the Kourou base in French Guiana.

Morocco signed a deal for two observation satellites with the European companies Airbus Defense & Space and Thales Alenia Space during a visit of the former French president François Hollande to Morocco in april 2013. The contract was not made public.

The cost of building and launching the two observation satellites is estimated to be around 500 million euros. The two observation satellites have a high resolution (70 centimeters in a strip of 800 km) and 500 images per day can record and send every six hours to the ground station. The second observation satellite is expected to be launched in 2018.

Neighbouring countries Spain and Algeria are soft said not very happy with this launch. Accuse Morocco of the Algerians want to spy on their country. Spain is concerned for several reasons, including the fact that the satellite probably will put an end to the technological edge that Spain has about Morocco.

The Spanish newspaper El Pais quoted military experts and revealed that Madrid are worried about the fact that the Spanish technological advantage at a time ends while there are still some issues between Morocco and Spain, despite the friendly relations between the two. As the two countries are still not match on the status of the two enclaves, Sebta and Melilla, as well as the demarcation of maritime borders.

The launch will live through:

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