Party Sylvana Simons renamed BIJ1

The party draws to battle ' against the current policy, among other things, full of hatred, xenophobia, racism, Division and exclusion '.

The political party of Sylvana Simons, that Article 1 was called, has been renamed BIJ1. On social media let the party know under the new name Sunday to battle "against the current politics full of Muslim hatred, xenophobia, gender inequality, racism, social and economic exclusion, gender discrimination, Division, exclusion and exploitation ".

Under the name Article 1 I managed not to at the recent general election, Safi in March to get a seat. Last summer filed a lawsuit to the name article 1. The right certain then that the party of Safi was allowed to use that name anymore because that already belonged to a knowledge centre against discrimination.

The party said afterwards with a new name to come to participate in the municipal elections of next year.