Abu Dhabi: Moroccan judoka refuses to shake hands of Israeli opponent

The Israeli judo delegation also ran against a number of other issues.

The Moroccan Judoka Aziza Chakir departed at the end of the fight, which she lost, directly from the mat without her Israeli opponent, Shira Rishony, to give a hand. The last took only her shoulders.

This situation was not the only problem for the Israeli delegation at the Judo Grand Slam 2017, which took place in Abu Dhabi from 26 to 29 October. The 12 members of the Israeli team were allowed to wear on their clothing no SRI-mark (the three letters that indicate Israel in sports competitions) and instead they carried the international Judo Federation (IJF).

In addition, when the Israeli judoka Many Flicker on stage climbed to receive his gold medal, was not the national anthem, but the song of the international Judo Federation. The Israeli flag was replaced by the flag of international Judo Federation, as can be seen in the video below.

These incidents are part of a particularly tense geopolitical context. Since Israel is recognized by the United Arab Emirates, the two countries maintain no diplomatic relations.

[video = youtube; zvNwIcRe600] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = zvNwIcRe600 [/video]

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