Moroccan police seized 4.5 kg of cocaine takes on Casablanca airport

Despite repeated drug seizures at the airport, the airport remains a widely used transit port

Members of the national security service on the Mohammed V International Airport in Casablanca have a man from Guinea-Bissau (West Africa) cocaine in his possession had been arrested 4.550 g.

The 30-year-old smuggler was already known for his involvement in drug trafficking of psychotropic tablets. The drugs were found in his bags, which were on Board of a flight that landed from the airport of Sao Paulo, according to the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) in a statement.

This operation is part of the services of the DGSN to combat the international drug trade.

In recent months, regularly done drug seizures at the international airport of Casablanca. In most cases, these are persons who make a transit in Casablanca and come from Sao Paulo (Brazil). It is the intention of these passengers to Casablanca by flying to other African destinations.