Joint approach to suspicious Web shops

Web shops that fail to fulfil their obligations, be tougher.

When the national hotline Internet scams three or more declarations or reports of scams, the account already be blocked. Talk about police, public prosecutor's Office (to) and pay services affiliated with Currence-IDEAL arrangements are made.

As a webshop wrong products supplies, no nothing, for example, or fail to comply with warranty terms, can face sanctions to prevent more people let down.

"It's a new measure in the fight against internet crime," says a police woordvoerster. "The goal is to disrupt these scams as much as possible. We have previously also such agreements with banks and market place. " In the fight against scammers, the classified ad site in late november with a new service around the payment and shipment of items. The payment from a buyer comes first on an account of the Online payment platform (OBP). Only when the purchase is received, the money remitted.

"Not everyone feels comfortable with the advance of a product that has not yet been sent. The other way around, sellers sometimes hesitate to send something on if no payment has been received ". This equal cross-service marketplace as a step to online trading easier and safer.