Essaouira: how a night out degenerated into a real nightmare

The young Mohammed Amine recently got it to stick with the doormen, and that of a night with far-reaching implications.

Also in Morocco shows the nightlife is not always smooth, as was recently once again underlined. The Moroccan medium H24 Info went talking to a victim of what you can call senseless violence. The man in question, Mohammed Amine from Agadir, was invited by his brother to visit a nightclub in Essaouira. Along with 2 other friends, they visited the night ski-to-door showed there is still nothing to worry about.

However, at the time the friends to go could became one of them rather rude. When Mohammed Amine appealed this Porter he initially got a polite reply back. The victim gave the Porter that he had to take his responsibility and should be able to collect some more precisely in such evenings, in order to prevent escalation. On the first time seemed to be the man to take this advice to heart, however what followed was far from logical.

When another gatekeeper interfered with it degenerated the whole in a real Brawl. The friends were by no less than 5 security guards, the use of brute force was not shunned. Mohammed Amine leave here the following about this:

Then he concludes his story with:

Of the 5 suspects there according to H24 Info currently 2 are nabbed.

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