Badr Hari comes next week off and travels to Morocco

Badr Hari provisionally not put his career on the first place.

Badr Hari is probably next Friday (10 november). To the reports its manager Jacques David that Hari his career not for the time being ' first '. "As soon as he is free, he will travel to Morocco, where he now lives and where his family is."

This does not mean that Hari stops professional kickboxing, "assume his career still followed up '', said De Wit. About the Glory rematch against Rico Verhoeven were no statements.

Badr Hari began on 3 april this year to his remaining prison sentence.  was convicted on appeal in October 2015 to 24 months in jail, of which ten months conditional for several violent crimes. This sentence was in early February this year's final. Hari already had a number of months in pre-trial detention, he had to a little more than seven months of his sentence in prison.

The last seven months was Hari regularly spotted outside the prison, he was allowed to leave to ' his work ' to do. He was seen in the gym.

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