Fes-Saïss Airport: catering truck Rams plane

The plane of Air Arabia was about to leave towards London.

A catering truck last Saturday caused almost a catastrophe. While the plane was about to fly to London, of Fez was the plane of Air Arabia, full of passengers and already filled with kerosene, rammed by a catering truck.

The passengers were already on the plane, belts fixed, and the plane was already fueled up, reports the daily Al Massae today. If the prepackaged meals last had to be brought on board for a moment and dáar it went so wrong.

The catering truck brought considerable damage to the appliance, enabling the passengers to leave the plane. It was equally whether there had to come or that the damaged appliance new appliance could be repaired. After some research it was decided the unit by called aircraft experts to fix it.

This caused an hour-long delay for the passengers, who their dissatisfaction loudly proclaimed.