In the picture: the hard, ruthless methods of public healthcare institutions in Morocco

Broadly speaking, the following communication: ' Wait your turn or die elsewhere '.

The Moroccan medium Ahdath Al Maghribia threw yet again her light on how bad the Moroccan public health care. Long waiting lists, poor hygiene and medical ignorance pose a major risk to the health of millions of Moroccans. It is then to make settings that should be accessible to all, however the question is so big it is delivered on quality considerably.

The group that is most affected by this appalling situations are the chronically ill. On a simple MRI scan one would have to wait for at least one calendar month. For many of these people is going to a private clinic not to pay, which means that they are completely at the mercy of these health care institutions. Also in the larger hospitals of the country, take it in Casablanca or CHU Ibn restaurant, free Wi, let the quality to be desired.

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