20% of young people in Morocco are at risk on mental disorders

A report of the Ministry of youth and sports gives worrying figures relating to Moroccan youth.

According to figures provided by the Ministry of youth and sports are released, 20% of young people in Morocco risk of mental disorders. The same percentage applies to the unemployment rate among this age group, reported the newspaper Al Massae this weekend.

From the same ministerial study shows that young Moroccans "in a worrying situation". There are 270,000 young people who leave school before they reach the baccalaureate degree, while the unemployment rate for the same age group 20%, which is double compared to the overall unemployment figures at national level.

The Minister of youth and Sport R T Aaa stated that young people between 15 and 34 years represent 34% of the population in Morocco, of which 51% women and 60% of which live in urban areas. There are a total of 11.7 million young people in Morocco.