Belgium Puigdemont treats as an EU citizen

Puigdemont announced that for the time being to continue his political fight for independence from Belgium.

The deposed Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont in Belgium "has the same rights and obligations as every European citizen, no more and no less ''. That writes the Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel in response to the announcement of Puigdemont that his political struggle for independence to continue for the time being from Belgium.

State Secretary Theo Francken (asylum) had there last weekend pointed out that Belgium offers the possibility to EU citizens to seek asylum, which incidentally does not intend Puigdemont. Michel stressed that the Government "has taken no step '' to encourage Puigdemont to Belgium." Free movement within the Schengen area offers him the opportunity. ''

Puigdemont is in Brussels because it is the "capital of Europe '' is not the guaranteed in Barcelona, and he has that he can do its job.

The Belgian Government has repeatedly called for a political dialogue to solve the crisis in Spain, continues the premier. The Government will "maintain regular diplomatic contacts with Spain in the context of the current circumstances '', concludes Michel his statement.