Casablanca: Hirak Process-prisoners once again shifted

It was a short hearing where Zabihi soon the courtroom was turned off.

Zabihi became angry and started yelling. He demanded that cameras in the courtroom were removed.  "It is an attack on our rights. We do not know what will happen with these images. I'm in a depression and I do not want to be filmed ", according to the news site Lefr360 Zabihi would have called.

The tension ran so that the judge decided to Zabihi from the courtroom. From the 31 other detainees called for solidarity to the courtroom to leave also.

The judge therefore decided to, because of their absence, the process be postponed until november 11, 2017.

As a reminder, the Court of appeal in Casablanca in early October gave permission to the Moroccan broadcaster to SNRT the different stages of the process, related to the events in Al Hoceima, to film. The measure is meant to ensure transparency and objectivity of the process.