Moroccan arrested in Madrid for suspect Daesh-membership

The man formed according to the Spanish Ministry of the Interior a potential danger.

The Spanish Ministry of the Interior reported the arrest of a 34-year-old Moroccan by the national police in Madrid. The man, originally from Tetouan but with a legal residence status in Spain, is suspected of membership of the terror movement Daesh.

The investigation that led to the arrest, it was found that man in several apartments in the Spanish capital to prevent he lived was localized, add the same source. The police also discovered that the man on the internet calling for war and violent jihad in Syria as well as in Spain.

The Ministry notes that the police has arrested the man because of "the potential danger that he formed, as well as the measures it had taken, such as his home and telephone number change periodically". He also made sure that he only placed messages on social networks via internet cafes to prevent he was localized.