Mayor New York: 8 dead by attack

The offender according to the American media cried Allahu Akbar.

Mayor Bill de Blasio was speaking at a press conference on a painful day for the city.

There are twelve wounded. The culprit is a 29-year-old man whose identity for the time being is not published. He was driving shortly after 15.00 pm local time with high speed in a rented pick-up truck in on cyclists and pedestrians. The man cried Allahu akbar, according to American media. Police said that the driver after driving into a crowd from his vehicle stepped with two "dummy" weapons. The police then shot him down.

According to a Police Commissioner bumped the offender first against a school bus, injuring four. Two of them are children.

Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York calls the inhabitants not to live in fear. "Live your life, let terrorists you don't change."

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