Minister of Islamic Affairs is going to fight against absent imams

Absent imams are often replaced by persons who are not authorised.

The Minister of Habous and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Taoufik wants more control over the imams in the mosques in the Kingdom which 52,000 are located. In the ranks of imams is the phenomenon of absence has increased alarmingly, reports Assabah today.

In this respect, the newspaper reports that Ahmed Taoufik recently has received several reports of an increase in unprofessional behavior among religious leaders. A situation that relates to different provinces of Morocco. Assabah added that when they plan to leave, imams or preachers tend to be replaced by people who are not authorised for this function. These practices, which cause dysfunctions, threaten the credibility of the Department, as a result of which the delegations of the Ministry the absences of imams and preachers should report.

The sources also say that the Department the Assabah's Shiite power keeps a close eye on to avoid in the Moroccan mosques is preached. Preachers use their status to the believers to promote the ideologies of certain religious groups, strictly forbidden by the Division of Ahmed Taoufik. Also, the Ministry decided to send a note to all delegations in the Kingdom to make them aware of this phenomena that the religious stability, which the country has enjoyed for several decades.

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