COP23: Caravan Electric cars driving from Marrakech to Bonn

In Bonn, Germany, from 6 to 17 november the 23rd UN Climate Conference.

To make people aware of the environment and climate change, drive a caravan electric vehicles of Marrakech, where COP22 took place, to Bonn where the 23rd UN Climate Conference is held.

The challenge is to 4200 km in 8 days time. The team, consisting of 70 persons on board 17 Tesla-cars (Model X and S), the locals ' environmental awareness during the passage in the 6 countries: Morocco, Spain, France, Switzerland, Belgium, and eventually to arrive in Germany on 6 november for the beginning of COP23.

The specific cities that are affected are: Rabat, Tangier, Valencia, Barcelona, Geneva, Paris, Brussels and Bonn.

The organizers and participants of different nationalities. Moroccans also take part in the event, reports medias24.

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