Trump wants stricter screening immigrants

The American president Donald Trump wants a stricter screening of immigrants after the attack in New York.

Tuesday drove a 29-year-old man from Uzbekistan with a pick-up truck in on pedestrians. In doing so, fell eight dead and eleven wounded. "I have just the Department of Homeland Security dedicated to look how we can make better and more rigorous screening programme. Politically correct is fine, but not for this! "

Trump earlier via Twitter already prove his displeasure about the terrorist act and expressed his sympathy for the family of the fatalities. He called the attack a "terrorist act" and also appointed Daesh in a tweet. "We must not allow Daesh return or access to our country after we defeated him in the Middle East and elsewhere. Enough is enough! "

According to American media, the police found a note in the pick-up truck in which the 29-year-old man loyal to Daesh swears.