Moroccan Ambassador to Qatar runs away from meeting organized by Algerian diplomat

A clear signal from the Moroccan Ambassador to the address of the Algerian diplomat in question.

The Buttering all long time no between, on the one hand and, on the other hand, Morocco's neighbour Algeria diplomats. This soap lasts for several years and recently had highlights the ridiculous speech of an Algerian Minister during an important meeting. The Algerian portfolio holder Morocco accused openly of drug smuggling and money laundering, one had to not look too much to the neighboring country because that suggested in reality.

This clash is shifted to other facets of diplomacy between the two countries, so also in the abroad turned out recently but again. The Moroccan Ambassador of Qatar chose deliberately to walk away at a meeting organized by a leading Algerian diplomat. The Moroccan Le360 confirms this piece of news media on the basis of diplomatic sources.

This meeting was dominated by the dwell on the Algerian revolution of 1 november 1954. However got this get-together, where diplomats of different countries were present, an unpleasant political touch.

The diplomat in question openly voiced his support for an independent Board in the Sahara, the Polisario. The Moroccan Ambassador to this end during the ceremony ran away.