Sale: potential terror suspect caught after tips ' girlfriend '

After house search was a large arsenal of weapons and other equipment found that indicate preparatory acts for an attack.

In a very remarkable way ran a terror suspect yesterday against the lamp in Salé. The 26-year-old man in question would be, this is what one can ascertain from the press release of the DGSN, in a far-reaching stage for committing an assault. This one concludes on the basis of the results of a search and the Declaration of his girlfriend in front of the authorities.

This woman, with whom he had not registered marriage, would just before his arrest some important statements from the cloths have done. During the House search, the responsible authorities of both the DGSN if the BNPJ no less than 41 knives, 17 3 laptops, phones, 6 military equipment and a hefty sum of money to. The man will most likely get charged with extremism and terrorism.