Moroccan Minister of Islamic Affairs want to increment salaries clergy

The budget increase of the Department makes this all to one of the possible policy adjustments.

The Moroccan Ministry of Habous and religious affairs, Ahmed Toufiq, announces a salary increase for imams and clerics. The Minister of service made this announcement yesterday in front of the Moroccan Parliament. In doing so, he gave that the current salary for imams fluctuates between 1400 and 2500 dirham dirham monthly, for clergy comes this amount on average 500 dirham per month.

Toufiq gave to currently run all the financial situation of this major occupational group of the country as well as possible. In addition, he shared that his Department's budget by the embankment of the already considerable improvements have been made for the medical care for this profession. More than 245,000 people would have access to health care which is compensated to a large extent, it is known that as many as 70% here also uses it.

salary increase