Casablanca: Suspect commits suicide in toilets of the Court

The man gave the keepers want to make use of the sanitary facilities, but then committed suicide.

A man, suspected of drug possession and drug trafficking, committed suicide on 30 October by herself in the toilets of the commercial court of Ain Sebaâ in Casablanca to hang.

The man was brought to the Attorney General earlier that day. The man had asked the guards to use the sanitary facilities, before he was transferred to the prison in anticipation of his judgment, Manikandan Al Ahdath Al Maghribia in its edition of november 1.

After a a long time have been waiting to watch the guards went where the man stayed and discovered the lifeless body. He had hanged himself with a rope that he had made with pieces of the shirt that he wore at that time. Security agents would no longer have been able to save the deceased.