After Djibouti became the Minister of Foreign Affairs invites to open to Morocco Embassy

After Djibouti became the Minister of Foreign Affairs would like to see Morocco opens an Embassy in his country.

The after Djibouti Foreign Minister Mahmoud Ali Youssouf has Tuesday in Rabat, the Kingdom of Morocco invited to open an Embassy in .

"We call on Morocco to open an Embassy in Djibouti", said Ali Youssouf in a press statement after he talks with the Moroccan Minister of Foreign Affairs and international cooperation has had Bourita Nasser.

Morocco plays a vital role in the West African region, he said further and explains the desire of his country to Morocco's presence in East Africa. Ali Youssouf also said that this meeting was a chance to discuss various economic, commercial and political problems, particularly in the area of training and strategies. Both Morocco and Djibouti are facing various security challenges.

For his part said after Djibouti Bourita that with his counterpart spoke of the signing of two agreements, in order to strengthen political consultation between the two ministries and a visa-free access for diplomats, reports yabiladi.