Wilders and Debby ignore ban ' islam safari ' in Molenbeek

' And this is Molenbeek declared ' officially Islamic territory, tweeted the PVV leader

Despite the prohibition that the commune of Molenbeek has proclaimed, PVV leader Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter there Friday just you go.

"We definitely plan to continue. It will take us to know how the Mayor the territory will end and how this will go ", let Dewinters know spokesman.

He calls it "too crazy for words that two representatives access is denied. We are not free anymore in our own country. "

Wilders is the ban "cowardly". "And this is Molenbeek officially declared Islamic territory", tweeted the PVV leader.

He goes Friday "in any case to Brussels". He called it a "terrible bad decision", but he is not going "to violate any statute or law". The PVV leader goes with Deane consult what "we still can and may are going to do".

Wilders also says not to know what the reason is that they are not allowed to visit Molenbeek. "But I want to make a statement what all this means, that is why I am going tomorrow to Belgium". According to the Mayor would be the security cannot be guaranteed.

Mayor Françoise s. prohibits the visit in a police regulation. "The activity and meeting of Filip Dewinter and Geert Wilders is prohibited on the territory of the municipality of Sint-Jans-Molenbeek. Each meeting of persons in the context of this event, participants, organizers or opponents, is forbidden ", is in it.

Debby wants Wilders the "jihad capital of Europe '' on foot and by car. According to him there is no meeting scheduled.

The spokesman for s. called it provocative and said the visit earlier safety cannot be guaranteed.

Wilders and Dead by the Vlaams Belang 12.30 hours Friday at a press conference in the Federal Parliament in Brussels. "Then we go to 14.00 hours to Mill Brook", according to the party spokesman. A step to the right is not on the agenda. "That would put off the visit." He stressed that the party is not in a violent confrontation.

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