Palestinian protest against Balfour Declaration

Thousands of people Thursday in Palestine to the streets to protest against the so-called Balfour Declaration.

It is exactly one hundred years ago Thursday that the statement, which is seen as an important support for the creation of Israel, was drawn up.

"We demand that the United Kingdom apologize to the Palestinian people, their compensation and recognizes the State of Palestine '' immediately, said the Palestinian Prime Minister in a statement of his Cabinet.

During the first world war, wrote the British Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour on 2 november 1917 a letter in which he asked for support the creation of a "national home for Jews in Palestine. '' The Zionist movement was the British, who after the first world war of the League of Nations had been given the mandate to control the region, repeatedly for support. In retrospect, the letter is seen as an important support on the way to the creation of Israel in 1948.