New Delhi: Morocco goes counter-terrorism expertise share with India

Morocco has offered to share his knowledge and experience with India on counter-terrorism and deradicalisareringsprogramma's.

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs announced yesterday that Morocco has offered to share its expertise and experience with India on counter-terrorism and deradicalisareringsprogramma's, reports the news medium Outlook India.

The decision was made during a meeting by the Moroccan Minister delegate of the Interior Noureddine Ballard and his Indian counterpart Kiren Rijiju was attended. According to the same source Boutayed stressed the fact that "Morocco is emerging as a key partner in the fight against terrorism and radicalization in North Africa and Morocco that his knowledge and experience in this field to share with India".

On the other hand accepted the Indian official Morocco's offer and said that India already prolonged suffers through terrorism and measures to combat this problem effectively.

Bali, accompanied by a delegation of officials from the Moroccan Ministry of the Interior, is visiting India to the Indian experience with Aadhaar, a ' Crime Criminal Tracking Network and System (CCTNS), study.

On this occasion, Rijiju Morocco requested a liberal visa regime and to facilitate visas for Indian businessmen, while the Bale asked for the creation of an e-visa for the citizens of Morocco.