History: When Morocco still had a private Grand Prix Formula 1 (video)

The Kingdom of Morocco on 19 October 1958 held a formula 1 race known as the 1958 Moroccan Grand Prix.

More than two years after its independence Morocco wanted to celebrate the new age by this race in order to shed light on the city of Casablanca. The Grand Prix of Morocco was a race of the formula 1 Championship that counts as well for the Championship once, in 1958.

In 1957 was in 6 months time a 7188 kilometers long circuit along the sea between Casablanca and the coastal town of Azemmour built. Designed by the Royal Automobile Club of Morocco, got the Ain-Diab circuit the blessing of King Mohammed V. on 19 October 1958 Grand Prix was held which consisted of 53 laps and more than 400 kilometers off the 25 participants. The Grand Prix was won by the British Stirling Moss.

Although the race was a victory for some drivers, the event was a nightmare for others. The example of this is the British Stuart Lewis-Evans. By a mechanical failure, he lost control of his vehicle. Seriously injured was Stuart Lewis-Evans repatriated to England where he died six days later.

After the misfortune of Stuart Lewis-Evans refused the Federation granted the authorisation issued to the Moroccan organizers was to renew it. This remained the first and last the race Moroccan Grand Prix.

[video = youtube; 5J6I4tVM5J0] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 5J6I4tVM5J0 [/video]

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