How a Moroccan from Rabat Commander was at Daesh in Raqqa

A.a. tells his story since he left Rabat in 2013 to its promotion by Daesh as Commander of the northern border of Raqqa.

When he left for Syria, Morocco believed A.A. 's parents that their son wanted to help the refugees and displaced persons in the camps. But the R., born in 1982, had a very different idea in mind: connecting in the ranks of Daesh and an important member of the terrorist organization. A.a. in Raqqa was recently captured by the Syrian Democratic armed forces (SDF) and is since then in a tightly guarded prison in northern Syria.

A.a. prison from which tells his story to Asharq Al Aawsat. It was while watching tv images of the civil war in Syria that A.A., the owner of a company that sells technical devices, decided to participate in the fighting. In the summer of 2013, he made contact with extremists via social networks and he got in touch with Al-Qaeda. The Organization sent him a road map to travel and gave him the coordinates of a man who would welcome him upon his arrival.

In september of the same year travels A.A. to Istanbul, where he takes a bus to Gaziantep, near the Syrian border. ' I have called the smuggler, who was informed about my arrival. He smuggled me across the border and left me behind on a meeting place where I was received by members of the Organization, he says.

The next day, he joined a group of newcomers who were sent to Idlib, Northwest Syria, where he remained about 60 days. During this period he received combat training and he was trained in the use of weapons.

He contacted his family to inform them that he was in Syria at the Al-Nusra Front had connected. "My father could not endure the news and hung on. My mother was a little quieter. She asked me to keep in touch with them and tried to convince me to come back on my decision. "

Two months after A. A. arrived in Syria, disputes between Daesh-leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and Al-Nusra Front, led by Abou Muhammad al-Julani. This escalated and the two go their own way. Many foreign fighters following Al-Baghdadi, including A.A.

After the city of Raqqa Daesh in January 2014, A.A. is appointed as Commander of the northern border. He was responsible for the strip of land between the city of Ras al-Ayn and the border with Turkey. He tells that his multilingualism him this position.

"It was because I was English, French and Spanish Besides my native language Arabic could speak. I was then called Abou Mansour. " Starting from 2014 there came according to A.A.  on average about 300 foreigners per day within who joined Daesh wanted to exclude.

Daesh became in October 2017 completely out of the Raqqa expelled and A.A. was at that time imprisoned.