Visit Wilders to Molenbeek called off

The visit that PVV leader Geert Wilders and Vlaams Belang leader Filip Dewinter Friday would bring to Molenbeek has been cancelled.

"We do not want to violate the law, as is true, we can not perform our plans '' Dewinters spokesman, let know.

Both the Mayor of Molenbeek as that of Brussels has the safari ' forbidden ' islam for fear of disturbing the public order. The two politicians would also go to the Grand Mosque in Brussels, but the mayor says no "racist hate message '' to tolerate.

"Anno islamkritische 2017 is the representatives of the people forbidden to do their jobs '', said the spokesman of Deane. Earlier in the day he said that the visit would go through despite the ban.

Wilders and Debby give a press conference in the Federal Parliament. They still consult on what they possibly can do further in Brussels, Kurd.

"Brussels and Molenbeek are ' shariazones ' where islam has become the show and mayors as dhimmi collaborate", tweeted Deane. Wilders spoke of an "Act of Capitulation". "Parliamentarians forbidden. Islam and terror permitted. Molenbeek Islam State ", thus the PVV leader.

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