Shooting in café in Marrakech, 1 dead and 3 injured

Two men executed a customer in a cafe, after which they went off on a motor scooter

Two armed men walked the terrace of café La Créme, located in the Hivernage district, and executed on a client. Then fled them away and left on a motor scooter, a Yamaha TMAX.

Police sources said that they had the suspicion that it was a reckoning. The Minister of Home Affairs Laftit Lakshmi confirmed shortly afterwards that a reckoning and a terrorist attack can be ruled out.

The two men would have knowingly chosen the target and shot him a bullet in his head. A friend of the fatality and two other people were injured.

The fatality is a medical student whose father holds the function of president of the Court in Beni Mellal, reports Lefr360.

The perpetrators are still on the run. The used motor scooter and a firearm after research is already found.

The very graphic pictures that are shared by now be such shocking that we are deliberately not places.

shooting party