Room rejects motions of no confidence Wilders

The motions were filed by Wilders because Ollongren (Interior) Minister and State Secretary Barbara (Defense) a double passport.

The second room has Thursday night motions of censure against Minister Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs) and State Secretary Barbara Visser (Defense) rejected. They were submitted by PVV leader Geert Wilders because the two a double passport. Ollongren (D66) also has Swedish citizenship, Visser also the Croatian nationality. According to Wilders allows dual citizenship for "an appearance of double loyalty". His motions were only supported by FvD by Thierry Baudet.

A vote of no confidence against Minister Ferdinand Gamal (Justice and security) underwent the same fate. According to Wilders Gamal ' appointment is a danger to society because he has in the past called for a return of extremist jihadists.

Prime Minister Rutte had strongly discouraged the motions of no confidence. The motion against Ollongren and Visser he called disgusting. Earlier in the debate had the premier underlined that the Constitution does not preclude Ministers with dual nationality.

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