4 years in prison for preparing terror attack

Jaouad a. had a Kalashnikov AK47, Ammo, heavy Fireworks and a flag of Daesh in his having.

The 31-year-old Jaouad a. is Thursday by the Court in Rotterdam sentenced to four years in prison for committing preparations for a terrorist attack. The rotterdammer was arrested last december. In his house and were having a machine gun, ammunition, heavy Fireworks and a flag of Daesh found.

The Court deems proved that a. is guilty of the "active search for, and holding of information about the radical, extremist ideas of the jihad armed struggle".

The rotterdammer could post information from the investigative agencies. A. itself denies that he assassinate. He had read and viewed the Daesh-material for "research", the fireworks were for sale and the Kalashnikov AK47, he was not going to use, he stated earlier in front of the police.

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