Boussatta: ' Moroccan soccer players feel much less Dutchman than it used to be "(video)

The former international of both orange when Morocco put the international choice of many Moroccan talents.

Morocco is particularly hot in recent years as a soccer country to your international career at. Especially the last 2 years, we can see that many talents from home and abroad, which could easily with a European top team, as Orange for example, end up choosing for an international career with the Lions v/d Atlas. Last week came the case Amrabat at, the young Feyenoord midfielder cut the knot immediately by and made this known to national coach Dick Advocaat. Sofyan went at it's feeling, the NIS was looking for an item some familiar faces on that statement gave on this trend.

So says Driss Boussatta, which for Orange came out before he made the switch to red and green of Morocco, the following:

Boussatta also to speak about it now is going for the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF. '' There is much better scouted in the Netherlands and Belgium, youth in the talents already detected. The Moroccan Federation brings everything much better. That is reflected in the first team. ''

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