Shooting Marrakech: six persons were arrested in Casablanca

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) came this morning with a press statement.

Six people were arrested last night in Casablanca because of their alleged involvement in the premeditated targeted killing, which in the Hivernage district in Marrakech, announces the Directorate-General for to national security (DGSN) this Friday morning to a press statement. At the shooting fell 1 dead and 2 injured (revised from 3 to 2).

The same source indicates that after field research the used motor scooter and a firearm were found. These were left by the perpetrators on an abandoned site and set on fire.

The research also identified the prime suspect that the murder would have ordered. He is a wanted person who is active in money laundering, international drug trafficking and extortion. This person is still not found. The two shooters are also not yet found.

According to the statement, these actions "a direct link to a criminal network with connections in some European countries, who are active in the international drug trade, money laundering and extortion", according to the first elements of the investigation under the supervision of the public prosecutor.

A variety of Moroccan news sites report that the fatality was not the target. The shooters could have been mistaken. They indicate that the target was the owner of the café who harangued with a Moroccan Dutchman who had ordered his murder. The owner, who also has ties with Netherlands, would shortly before near the table of the fatality. Please note, this is no official information from the authorities.

H24info reports that one of the wounded, a girl, in critical condition. She was hit by a bullet in her stomach which her intestines, stomach and liver has perforated. The other wounded was hit by a bullet in the thigh. The two wounded by bullet fragments would not have been touched, as previously claimed in the media, but by bullets.