Terror suspect wanted by Belgium arrested in Morocco

The Moroccan authorities have arrested a terror suspect wanted by Belgium. That writing Belgian media Friday.

It's going to be the brother of the arrested in Morocco condemned terrorism Saïd s. The man would at a terror group and is linked to the discovery of a weapon arsenal in Anderlecht and near Lille. In a lock-up garage of Anderlecht were early this summer including Kalashnikovs, a riotgun, small arms. bullet-proof vests, a flashing light, uniforms and fuzes found. Two other brothers, Khalid and Akim, were then arrested, a third was still on the course.

The Belgian authorities arrested in Morocco were concerned that the suspect and it thereby felt themselves cornered quite unpredictable was what his next move would be. The police had since then with might and looking at him.

The man was arrested in early October in Morocco. Belgium will probably order extradition of the suspect questions. But because he has no dual citizenship, it is doubtful whether Morocco will address that question. He will then probably there a trial.

terror suspect