France: Moroccan pilot fined 10,000 euro

The pilot of Royal Air Maroc had left while the plane kerosene leaked.

The Criminal Court in Creteil, France, on Thursday 2 november fined 10,000 euros to a pilot who works for Royal Air Maroc, reports France Bleu.

The 51-year-old pilot was found guilty of endangering the lives of others. In August 2010 he had Orly Airport (direction Casablanca) left while he was warned for a kerosene leak. The leak came from a mini reactor in the tail of the plane, which is used for the two large engines under the wings of the plane to ignite.

The pilot was on the leak, and he reported this to the Technical Department of RAM. He left, however, without waiting for a reply by the technical service.

The pilot insisted at the hearing that he has complied with the safety instructions and "had handled the problem" by turn off the mini reactor before take off.

Forensic expertise indicates that the "deviant" is to turbines with a leaky mini reactor to light.

The public prosecutor was not entirely satisfied with the fine, they had a no-fly zone of five years and ten months in prison.

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