Shooting Marrakech: The two shooters with a Dutch nationality have been arrested

The Directorate General of national security (DGSN) came recently with a new press statement.

In a statement the DGSN announced the arrest of the two shooters, one of which comes from the Dominican Republic and one from Suriname and they both have the Dutch nationality. They were arrested for their involvement in the implementation of the premeditated murder and attempted murder in café La Créme in Marrakech Thursday night. They are accused of the murder of the young medicine student Hamza c. and they are accused of attempted murder on the two other wounded victims.

Both defendants have criminal records and are known to the police for their direct ties to cases involving international drug trafficking, kidnapping, armed robbery and attempted murder, the statement said.

The defendants are about a week ago entered Morocco. The police was able to identify two hotels where they were staying, one of which is for the cafe where the crime took place, said the statement, seen four times near the café. One of them tried to flee during the arrest.

Their presentation for witnesses, including the owner of the cafe, a waiter and two customers, made the identification of the suspects possible by very distinguishing characteristics (vlechtsel by the hair and physical appearance).

The same source indicates that a car that was rented by the suspects longer than 4 hours near the place stood still where, just after the murder, the motor scooter, the firearm and the bullets were found. An eyewitness reported the presence of the persons concerned in the neighborhood of the place where these objects were burned.

The two suspects, 29 and 24 years old, are currently placed in custody under the supervision of the competent parquet, pending the results of technical, biological and ballistic expertise initiated by the scientific and technical Police connected with the DGSN. Following the progress of the investigation confirm all the collected elements that the liquidation is related to international drug trafficking.

The prime suspect and sponsor of the murder is of Moroccan origin, which at this time probably in the Dominican Republic. He is already the subject of an international arrest warrant from Morocco and he is also wanted by a European country for murder.

Earlier it was already known that the liquidation presumably to a mistaken identity, the owner of the Cafe would be the actual target. Having regard to the fact that the shooters not of Moroccan descent live in Morocco and also not a mistaken identity seems a lot more plausible. The owner of the café is commonly known in Marrakech and the question arose how the shooters themselves so could be wrong.