De Lara lashes out at Amrabat: ' moral obligation to choose Orange for ' (video)

As sharp as we know it, so was Johan Derksen also yesterday at the table with Football Inside when the issue Amrabat pass.

It is not the first time and will certainly not be the last time that football analyst Johan Derksen is critical about players with a Moroccan background. Last week it became clear that Feyenoord midfielder Sofyan Amrabat finally for an international career with the Lions v/d Atlas opted, and that while Orange also was an option for the box-to-box midfielder. National coach Dick Advocaat and assists-head coach Ruud Gullit expressed namely not so long ago with the single Moroccan Hotel Oud London Zeist-international in. There it was clear that Amrabat have doubted his sense but in the end it was what drew him to cross the finish line. That choice he made later by telephone to lawyer, something the current trainer of Orange on award presented and respects.

The well-known view of de los Santos was already since the international choice of Zakaria Labyad. The were almost exactly the same words that the former Pro out after loved last night about Amrabat. According to de los Santos, the player in question the moral duty to choose Orange for this because he has enjoyed his football training here.

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