Inhabitants Marrakech mourn death Hamza c. (video)

The inhabitants of Marrakech are clearly deeply caught on.

The death of Hamza c., the fatality of the shooting Thursday night in café La Créme in Marrakech, hits the local inhabitants deep. Move them himself in Hamzas parents and share their grief.

One of the interviewed passers-by may not keep dry during the call. It can there at her but not in that the parents in question in such a way should lose their beloved.

By the way, have good faith in the Moroccan safety device. Also this thing, it seems, go completely solve quickly. The two shooters have since been arrested, reported this morning through a press statement DGSN. There is further research, the presumed client of the winding-up will stay to all probably abroad.

[video = youtube; 1k_wO_VDw7s] time_continue = 43 & v = 1k_wO_VDw7s [/video]