Saudi Arabia arrests Princes and ministers

Saudi Arabia has several Princes and administrator men arrested who might be guilty of corruption.

It comes to eleven princes, four sitting ministers and dozens of former ministers, reports the channel Al-Arabiya.

One of those arrested is the prominent Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin-Talal, the owner of the investment company Kingdom Holding Company, reports a government official. The investment company is one of the largest shareholders of Citygroup. In addition it has an interest in Twitter and 21st Century Fox.

The arrests took place, a few hours after a new anti-corruption body was set up. The Committee is chaired by the Saudi Crown Prince bin Salman, reports the BBC.

What exactly the suspicions is not known, but according to Al-Arabiya are recently new investigations started in 2009 to the floods in Jeddah and the outbreak of the MERS-virus (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) in 2012, which claimed many lives.

In addition to the arrests has King Salman also two important ministerial posts replaced. Prince Miteb was head of the national guard but must now. He is a son of the late King Abdullah and was an intended successor to the throne.

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