Help for single mothers and their children in Morocco

Single mothers and their children who are entitled to alimony, are eligible for help from the Moroccan fund for families.

The national family assistance fund will soon be extended to women who are left by their husbands. The Ministry of Justice is preparing a Bill to do this for. It will be the framework of law No. 41-10, in which the conditions and procedures for receiving benefits from the Fund be established, change.

In addition to the mothers come their children who are entitled to alimony also qualify for these benefits, announced the Minister of Justice Mohamed Aujjar. He made this announcement at the presentation of the budget the Commission of Justice of its Division for 2018 and legislation in the House of representatives.

The Bill will also simplify procedures that access to the benefits of the relief fund. This is one of the emergency measures of the Government program.

The assistance can only be granted after a court decision stating that the debtor (the husband/father who leave the family has) runs behind with payments or if he can't be found and the need for help for the family is shown.

The Bill does not provide help for single mothers with children who are born out of wedlock, reports medias24.

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